A Good Read

The King of Torts, by John Grisham

Side note:
You may not have noticed, but it appears that a John Grisham novel will only be classified as a New York Times Best Seller if the title begins with The, as in The Pelican Brief, or, The Bretheren. Others, such as Skipping Christmas, gain some popularity due to John Grisham’s own name, but little else.

I wonder if that’s just a coincidence.


People like simplicity, but something I’ve recently learned is that the phrase “less is more” is garbage.

Less is not more. It’s a cool phrase because it contains a paradox that goes against human understanding, but it is not correct. Often times stripping out excess is incredibly beneficial, but something doesn’t get better the more you remove from it.

A worthwhile read (from which I received this inspiration) would be this post from world-famous designer Milton Glaser, creator of the surprisingly catchy “I [heart] NY” logo.

Mr. Glaser ends the 5th point on that post with this:

Just enough is more.

Until we meet again, have a better-than-average day.

Big Daddy Weave & Solved Mysteries

This will be short and sweet (well, hopefully sweet).

I’ve often seen a cd (or possibly a tape—at the moment, I can’t remember which) in my dad’s collection with “Big Daddy Weave” written on it. I’ve always thought/assumed that it was some older country/hip-hop type music, and really never cared enough to check it out. This has taken place for years. Years and years (which must mean at least four years, but in fact it was much longer).

Recently, I had a song mystically stuck in my head. Not sure how it got there, but it did. The main line in this song that repeated itself in my mind was one that goes, “I will give you rest.” So, instead of allowing that small portion of the song to remain the sole thing stuck on repeat inside my minds ear, I chose to look it up to see what the actual song was, so that I could hear the whole thing.


Big Daddy Weave.

Specifically Rest (LP Version) from the album One and Only on iTunes, for anyone who cares).

So, it turns out this potential Nashville rap artist is a worship leader that I’ve known all along.

Weird how those sorts of things happen, eh?

Well, until we meet again, have a better than average day!


Not as short as I expected… but still relatively short I suppose.

My friends are home 🙂

Worship Energy

I’m looking through you… you’re not the same!

One of my favourite parts of Beatles music (or “of The Beatles music”—whichever is correct, or incorrect, just to be rebellious) is the high-energy, driving portion of the song that starts during the word “same”. One of my favourite parts of Marianas Trench music is a similar part in Masterpiece Theatre III, about 2:30 into the song… after a gruelling 15 minutes or so of unique, but not exactly awesome music in Masterpieces I and II and the beginning of III. One of my favourite parts (perhaps very favourite) of Muse music is a similar part which begins the second section of Knights of Cydonia. One of my favourite parts of Kings of Leon music is a similar part in Black Thumbnail when the chorus blasts in after a relatively simple verse (not that the chorus is complex). And the list goes on and on.

I suddenly came to realize that pattern of some of my favourite moments in music just a short while ago. Numerous bands that I’m not very fond of in general get shot much higher on my internal categorization of best to worse when moments like those. I like the energy in those moments. It makes me think of being at a concert when the band starts getting crazy and everyone starts jumping and dancing.

Worship at church used to be like that… at least where I grew up.

I don’t know what happened,

but I hope it comes back.

Alrighty then, until we meet again, have a better than average day.


Music: 2

There’s something about music that is very enjoyable.

I don’t know of anyone who doesn’t like to listen to music. I know people who don’t like to read, people who don’t like things like movies and television.

There may be a large percentage of people who only like specific types of music, but everyone, even the pope, likes music. As a matter of fact, the vatican recently released a list of music (what modern young folk—those younger than the pope—refer to as a “playlist”) that they felt shared the aim to reach the heart of good minded people. It included music by Mozart, The Vatican Choir, and Muse (yes) among other classical and far from classical artists.

Music is just about the only form of entertainment that can be found across the entire planet. It does not rely on any sort of technology. You need at least one ear to enjoy it and at least one mobile appendage to make it—though two ears and a mouth would be far more beneficial (not to mention a second, third and fourth appendage).

I had a point when I first began this… but I’ve now forgotten what it was. But, rather than scrapping this whole thing, I’ve decided to post what is here… and hopefully what I was getting at will be revealed to me once again, in the near-ish future.

Until we meet again, have a better than average day.


Music: 1


The time has come, my walrus friends, to talk of many things.
Of blues and heavy rocking tracks.
Of savages who sing.
And why the ‘C’ is royally taught.
And whether dead are kings.

Music is an art form whose medium is sound.

The word ‘music’ comes from a greek word, which spelled out in latin letters is mousike, which basically means, “art of the Muses.”

The “Muses” were a collection of greek gods/goddesses (possibly just one goddess—as there isn’t any clear references as to whether it was for sure 1, 3, or 9 beings). With that said, in some of the most clear myths, there were three muses. One of voice, one of practice, and one of memory. This myth said that the three muses together formed the preconditions of their art—a beautiful art which human kind have been trying to imitate ever since (whether that’s since they were born, died, or performed at jazzfest for the first/last time, is unbeknownst to me).

So, that was the ancient Greek’s way of saying that music is seriously awesome.

Just thought you may want to know that little bit of information.

Until we meet again, have a better than average day.