A Preview of The Adventures of Catman and Spandex Boy

Hello all,

The words you read below contain the first page of the current draft of the adventure, Masked Menace Mayhem. If you would be so kind as to comment, informing me of what you like and don’t like about the story so far, or where it feels like it’s going… anything really… that would be greatly appreciated. Feel free to pass a link along to your friends and family ;).

Many thanks!

It starts…

“Je suis a pizza! Je suis a pizza!” Spandex Boy chanted while prancing about in his blue spandex suit and apron, making pancakes, in the kitchen of our hero’s lair. It was going to be a good day. He and Catman had returned from the Von Sheik family reunion the night before, and after having a good night’s rest, the two of them were going to spend the day searching for new bugs to add to their esteemed collection. Needless to say, Spandex Boy was very excited.

“It smells scrumptious in here,” Catman announced as he entered the kitchen wearing nothing but his usual garb: A pair of blue and gold basketball shorts, aviators, blue moon-boots, and a handkerchief (not to mention the feline body parts that he had developed after ‘the incident’). “How long ‘til breakfast is ready?” He asked.
“Just a couple more minutes,” Spandex Boy replied as he wiped his hands on his apron. “I’m trying something new with this batch of pancakes. I think you’ll really like ‘em!”

This intrigued Catman. He was about to ask Spandex Boy to elaborate, but before he had a chance to speak, the phone rang. “On screen,” Catman commanded as he motioned for Spandex Boy to join him in the front room.
The window into the front yard flickered momentarily, then the head and shoulders of a thin, dark-haired man appeared where a luscious green lawn could be seen only moments before.

“Good morning, Bernard,” spoke the fearless Catman. “To what do we owe this… you calling us?”
“I’m afraid, I have some rather unfortunate news,” Bernard replied. “It seems that while you were away, a masked menace has been wreaking (or, causing) havoc (or, widespread destruction) throughout the city (or, incorporated municipal centre). Several children have even become relatively distraught.”

“That’s terrible!” Catman exclaimed, shortly before becoming somewhat confused. “But what does this have to do with us?” He then said. “As you are fully aware, we deal strictly with maidens in distress, M.I.D.’s, if you will.”

“Yes, well, a young lady by the name of Jane Brody has been reported missing. We are convinced that it is the work of the masked menace.” Bernard replied, blinking a total of four times.

“Say no more!” Spandex Boy called out, “We’re all over it!” He then looked over at Catman and performed a less-than-discrete wink.

“Very well,” said Bernard, “I leave the two of you with one word of advice. Jane Brody is not part of any royal, wealthy, nor otherwise celebrated family, so be sure that she does not get any extra special treatment.”

“You have our word, Bernard.” Catman replied. “Until we meet again!”

“Indeed,” Bernard said back, just before ending the video conference.

“Does this mean our bug collecting plans are canceled?” Spandex Boy asked Catman, with a noticeable amount of disappointment in his voice.

“No, not canceled,” Catman responded, “but certainly postponed until further notice.” Catman looked around the room. “Come on!” he proclaimed, “we’ve got to get ready!” And with that, our heroes raced off to the secret lair’s secret room, where they kept all of there secret things.

It pauses momentarily…


Alright, that’s it for now…
So, until we meet again, have a better than average day!


3 Replies to “A Preview of The Adventures of Catman and Spandex Boy

  1. You’ve got me tantalized, wondering whether they’ll remember they were making pancakes, intrigued to know whether their lair (say that quickly ten times) will be burned to the ground before their return from their adventure, whether the whole masked menace menagerie is merely a ruse to distract them…

    In other words, I really liked this.

  2. I really liked it too!! I like the way it seems like the two superheroes will also learn a lesson. I am eagerly anticipating reading more. And i also hope they didnt forget they were making pancakes and there house doesnt burn down. Keep it up it sounds exciting!!

  3. Okay…love the idea so far…..I do believe that Bernard sent Catman a few criptic clues during their conversation..I look forward to seeing what happens in the next few pages ……

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