So… a few days ago I was watching a movie with a friend of mine (actually, two friends of mine and a wife of mine) and a Beatles song came on (or “a The Beatles song”?) and long story short, I ended up making a short list of my three favorite bands (The Beatles being among them). After some thought, though, I realized that that list may not have been as accurate as I had initially meant it to be. So, I thought it suitable to perhaps go through some of my all time favorites and such. I’ve actually been working on a greater list of musical influences and appreciations and such… but for now, these little things will give you a taste of where my head is at when it comes to the world of music.

Favorite Bands:
The Beatles

Favorite Solo Artists:
Michael Jackson
José González
Bobby McFerrin
Paul Simon

Favorite “Christian” Artists: (theme is only by chance… and upbringing)
Matt Redmon
Kevin Prosch
David Ruis
Norm Strauss
Andrew Smith
Malcolm Petch (yes)

Favorite Musicians:
Glenn Gould
The Edge
Jimmy Page
Hmm… there must be more. Just not thinking right now.

Favorite Local Artists (past and present):
Ari Neufeld
Secret & Whisper

Honourable Mentions:
Tegan & Sara
The White Stripes
Our Lady Peace
Leslie Feist
Sara McLachlan
Robert Pattinson (mwahaha – just kidding)

Haha, I just realized that all my “favourites” are men … oh wow, and all the “honourable mentions” are either ladies, have a lady in the group, or have the word lady in the group name (aside from Mr. Pattinson, which was a joke to begin with). Completely unintentional, I assure you.

So, feel free to comment excessively… on which of my favourites you agree with, think are crazy, or think I must have forgotten. And until we meet again…

Have a better than average day.


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