The Ongoing Adventures of Catman & Spandex Boy

Below is another little snippet of the unfolding adventure, just to keep you curious.

Noon was fast approaching when Catman and Spandex Boy finally arrived to meet with Phoenix, who was not impressed.
“Boys.” She greeted our heroes, scowling. “I was assured you were sent for first thing this morning.”
“No kidding,” Spandex Boy quickly responded. “We hadn’t even eaten our breakfast before Bernard–”
“We’re sorry, Phoenix.” Catman interjected. “The Meowtercycle’s getting some upgrades. We had to take our boards.” Catman raised his longboard towards Phoenix, then pointed it at Spandex Boy, who had remarkably (as is the hero way) duct taped his skateboard to his back.
“Lovely.” Phoenix replied, with little-to-no sincerity.

That’s it! I shan’t give too much away too soon.


More will come, eventually.
Until then, have a better than average day!


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