Music: 1


The time has come, my walrus friends, to talk of many things.
Of blues and heavy rocking tracks.
Of savages who sing.
And why the ‘C’ is royally taught.
And whether dead are kings.

Music is an art form whose medium is sound.

The word ‘music’ comes from a greek word, which spelled out in latin letters is mousike, which basically means, “art of the Muses.”

The “Muses” were a collection of greek gods/goddesses (possibly just one goddess—as there isn’t any clear references as to whether it was for sure 1, 3, or 9 beings). With that said, in some of the most clear myths, there were three muses. One of voice, one of practice, and one of memory. This myth said that the three muses together formed the preconditions of their art—a beautiful art which human kind have been trying to imitate ever since (whether that’s since they were born, died, or performed at jazzfest for the first/last time, is unbeknownst to me).

So, that was the ancient Greek’s way of saying that music is seriously awesome.

Just thought you may want to know that little bit of information.

Until we meet again, have a better than average day.




There’s a phrase I heard a while back that really caught my attention… And I’m here at a hair salon, waiting for my wife (ah who am I kidding, you know me I’m here for hours every day – just can’t get enough), trying to remember what the phrase actually was.

It goes something like…

“Method is where science and art meet.”

Not exactly that… but something like it.
And ’cause (I detest the word “cuz”) I’ve got some time to kill, rather than look it up, I’m just gonna try and think it out (No! There is no try! Only do, or do not).

“Art and science meet in method.”

Hmm, that feels closer, not quite though.

What it’s referring to is fairly clear. The art of science vs. the science of art. Well, not so much “vs”… more the opposite of that.

It’s kind of showing how these two feilds at extreme opposite ends (theoretically) actually are very similar. Just a cool concept you don’t often think about (well, at least I don’t … At least, not until lately).

So, after giving up on my own mind to come up with the words, I’ve defaulted to the good ol’ inner-web to look up the actual phrase (something that turned out to be much more difficult than I expected … and 20 minutes later, here we are).

“Art and science have their meeting point at method.”
-Edward G. Bulwer-Tyller

Hmm… I could have sworn I remebered the quote sounding cooler than that, but, I guess not. Maybe it does still sound cool but my expectations were just too high. I was secretly hoping for something a lot more thought provoking and different from what I’d guessed at.

Anyways… that’s it for me for now. Jay’s just about finished up (and I’m done doing my obvious gawking at all the amazing kinds of shampoos andconditioners and gells and colours and sprays and other “product” … which in my opinion “hair stuff” is a plenty good enough term for).

So, until we meet again, have a better than average day!

Posted from an iPhone… I’ve done my best to ensure propper spelling, but I really can’t be sure… so apologies for any typos.

Musing Music

It is very difficult to tell what a person is really like without actually getting to know them. Even if you had met this person, it would only have been a small fraction of what that person is really like. You would, however, have successfully experienced how that person, when in the presence of the specific group of people you happened to be around, treats someone they have just met. To really tell what a person is like, you must get to know them.

That sort of reasoning is what compels me to experience all sorts of art; even when I have already set in my mind that a certain something is not my cup of tea. That sort of reasoning is what compels me to listen to more than ten seconds of a song before I skip on to the next thing or, worse yet, decide that I don’t like a band or artist without actually having heard/seen/experienced any of their work.

Music is easily the most accessible/available form of art. It has been around for as long as anyone knows. You hear it every day (whether intentionally or not). So, with that said, music is where we will begin.

Musing Art

To muse is to be absorbed in thought. Art is the expression of creative skill and imagination.

This is the product of being absorbed in thoughts of the expression of creative skill and imagination.
It is a mouth full, but it is clear (or so I certainly hope).

The whole purpose of what I’m doing here is just to share my thoughts and ideas on the thoughts and ideas that others were brave enough to release into the public. Not exactly sure how this is all going to run out, but for now, that’s ok.

There will be more to this whole thing soon, and then hopefully you’ll have a better idea of what I’m talking about.

So, until we meet again… have a better than average day.