Big Daddy Weave & Solved Mysteries

This will be short and sweet (well, hopefully sweet).

I’ve often seen a cd (or possibly a tape—at the moment, I can’t remember which) in my dad’s collection with “Big Daddy Weave” written on it. I’ve always thought/assumed that it was some older country/hip-hop type music, and really never cared enough to check it out. This has taken place for years. Years and years (which must mean at least four years, but in fact it was much longer).

Recently, I had a song mystically stuck in my head. Not sure how it got there, but it did. The main line in this song that repeated itself in my mind was one that goes, “I will give you rest.” So, instead of allowing that small portion of the song to remain the sole thing stuck on repeat inside my minds ear, I chose to look it up to see what the actual song was, so that I could hear the whole thing.


Big Daddy Weave.

Specifically Rest (LP Version) from the album One and Only on iTunes, for anyone who cares).

So, it turns out this potential Nashville rap artist is a worship leader that I’ve known all along.

Weird how those sorts of things happen, eh?

Well, until we meet again, have a better than average day!


Not as short as I expected… but still relatively short I suppose.

My friends are home 🙂